Is the best dating site a fail?

Are you bumbling on the dating Apps? Did the dating service tell you they have a waitlist? Really?

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Founded in the Bay Area, PreQualified Mates, PreQM, is a boutique service for discerning, discrete, & selective singles with high standards seeking long-term relationships. Login & swipe-free, your PreQM "profile" is offline.

We offer a 100%, risk-free money-back refund...

Featuring a rapid screening technique, if an applicant is not qualified, we offer the applicant a complete money-back refund. Join today for $1499 for an 18-month membership. Free Bonuses ($150 value): Online Dating Profile Makeover & Photo Editing Promotion!

Do you feel the clock ticking? You are not alone, my friend. We get it. We are well aware of how impossibly long it can take to find all of those frogs in order to discover the proverbial Prince or Princess. 

improve your dating acumen with Free golden advice

Our advice & tips are golden. Even "How to ask someone out on a Date." Honestly, we could not believe that we had to script it, but apparently, many people never received that memo. Are you aware of the hazards of texting & dating or how avoiding 1st date coffee dates can lead to more 2nd dates?

Have you tried so-called “exclusive dating services,” engaged matchmakers, just meeting for a quick lunch?

Should you hinge your love life on algorithms written by dateless, unmarried nerds, with no relationship experience nor interpersonal skills? Ouch!

Is the knight in shining armor at the door?

Home alone binge-watching the US Open or PGA Championship? Is your dating leader board non-existent?

Are you interested in a better quality introduction?

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Do you want to meet an Ivy League or Stanford grad? Are you a professional athlete with the Warriors, 49ers, Sharks, PGA tour, an amateur, or simply, a special person looking for your soul mate?

Whether you are self-made, from old money or new, our members bring a great deal to the table & desire the same of their partners.

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Think of PreQM as your exclusive, personal, professional executive search firm for eligible singles.

PreQM can be a more expeditious method to achieve better results. Join now for no risk!

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