Membership Application Fee

Yes, we do charge an upfront application fee. The Membership Application Fee, normally $500, is currently offered at the introductory rate of $250.  This nominal, non-refundable fee helps cover administrative costs, the second phase of vetting, and arrangements for your video interview.

Once the application fee is paid, complete the Membership Application, and PreQM will continue with our proprietary vetting process. We will notify you following the results.  If this vet is positive, we will schedule your video interview. Alternatively, if the vet is negative at this juncture, 50% of the application fee will be refunded.


Formal Club membership is proposed to candidates who successfully master and complete the PreQM screening process.  Membership Fees are currently offered at the promotional rate of $2,000 for an eighteen (18) month term or $3,500 for a three (3) year term.