What’s Next? When we have a suitable partner, we will contact you to present our candidate. Our preferred contact method is by phone as it results in much better relationships than email and texting.

If you approve of our match, then we will contact the candidate and present you. If both candidates express mutual interest, then we will share your names and phone numbers and let you manage from that point.

PreQM Member Validation: I thought all of the information you gave me was was such a high-quality date...

Please review our Dating Safety Tips and Advice prior to meeting your dates. These sections contain a great deal of good information which hopefully will result in more enjoyable dating experiences, more successful relationships and, possibly, add value to your life.

After you meet for the first time, we encourage you to complete our first date feedback form. This lets us know how the date went from your point of view and is very helpful information to manage your success in our club.

When your interaction has run its course, you must complete the follow up questionnaire before you are available to meet another prospect.