I’m a PreQM believer!! I have used other services, and Wendy has far out weighed her competition. Wendy spends a great deal of time getting to know you, and learning about who you are. She is not going to waste your time on dates that she doesn’t see a fit. She has introduced me to 2 amazing women who I I have gone out with more than once (they’ve now been seriously dating over a year). Don’t buy into those other services who make empty promises. PreQM is the real deal.
— Steve, San Carlos
She is funny and super attractive. You nailed it. Well done, Baruh!
— Rob, San Francisco
Wendy has really good instincts.
— Gail, Hillsborough
PreQM introduced me to a breathtakingly beautiful woman, both inside and out. I really recommend PreQM as a method of meeting quality, successful, professional women.
— John, San Francisco
We are so happy! I’ve referred two friends to PreQM.
— Liz, Burlingame
I highly recommend PreQM. I can attest that they have quality people & a selective screening process. I met a really nice, successful, good looking man.
— Erica, San Mateo
I met a 29 year old woman on Match.  I was 44.  Yeah, I know that may have been a little young for me. We met at her home in Belvedere. 29? She was 72! She died in a fire shortly thereafter & I caught her obituary in the San Francisco Chronicle.  JM, Atherton

I met a man online. He said he was 70. I've never dated anyone that old, but thought, oh, why not?  He was 86! PreQM is exactly what I am looking for. I am so sick of meeting people on-line who misrepresent themselves. Susan, Hillsborough

I met a guy on Match. He was a doctor, like my ex. It turned out that he used his friend's pictures. Really? I stood up & said, "I'm out of here" & left. I just want to meet someone real. Thank god for PreQM. Mary, Las Vegas

I'm 39. I met a guy via an online dating site. He said he was 6' tall. He was 5'4." Did he think that I wouldn't notice? Francis, New York City
I dated a woman that I met online. Like me, on her profile she said that she did not have children. We dated for a while and she finally told me that she had 2 kids. Why would anyone deny having children? After that, she had absolutely no credibility with me. The PreQM screening process speaks to me.  Bill, New York City

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