The First Step

First things first: please complete the online application. Click here to launch the Membership APP. Be truthful. Hopefully, you will enjoy it & gain insight into your persona & heart, while helping clarify what you are looking for or seek in a partner.

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At PreQM, we are concerned about the integrity of our clientele. Our members want the foundation of their relationships to be built upon honesty. When someone says they are single, we like to know that, indeed, they really are.

We realize that our service may not be for everyone. In all candor, our members get it and appreciate all we do. Check out our testimonials. Although our method may initially appear intrusive, the quality of our members demands such standards. But please understand, there is a method to our proprietary technique.

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Don't worry. Your responses are confidential, although some may be shared with your prospective matches. Your profile is not open to the general public. Isn't that refreshing? Be sure to complete the app. It's a PreQM membership prerequisite. 

We will let you know following the completion of our process if you are a successful candidate for our service. Click to Continue.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help.