Join PreQM today at the amazing launch price of $499, for 18 months, a $2,250 value! 

Joining PreQM is easy.

All candidates are comprehensively vetted and follow the same acceptance process.   Every candidate is still required to complete the confidential recorded video WebEx interview.   If the candidate is not accepted, we will refund all but the nominal vetting fee of $125.

Join PreQM today!


PreQualified Mates, also known as PreQM, is a unique service designed for discerning, discrete, and selective singles with uniquely high standards seeking long-term relationships. 


Our members bring a great deal to the table and desire the same of their partners.  The PreQM community is extremely particular about the people they surround themselves with in society.  They are genuinely concerned about the quality of their partner's backgrounds.

PreQM members share a common value system, but not necessarily the identical values.  Try to envision PreQM as your personal executive search firm.

We have a mandatory membership process that may seem laborious or intrusive to many candidates.  We get it.  We also are well aware of how impossibly long it can take on your own to find all of those frogs in order to discover the proverbial Prince or Princess.  PreQM is a more expeditious method to achieve outstanding results.