Are you bumbling on the dating Apps? Is the best online site still a fail? Have you been catfished by completely misrepresented matches? Are their profiles even remotely accurate? Did a “few extra pounds” have a questionable interpretation?

Click Here to Apply!

Click Here to Apply!

Founded in the Bay Area, PreQualified MatesPreQM, for short, is a unique service designed for discerning, discrete, and selective singles with high standards seeking long-term relationships. Login-free, your PreQM "profile" is offline. PreQM is a no-swipe service. Isn't that refreshing?

Think of PreQM as an exclusive resource: your personal professional executive search firm for eligible, single, men & women. PreQM can be a more expeditious method to achieve outstanding results. Join PreQM now for no risk!

Is that Dating App telling you they have a waitlist? Are they kidding?

Our candidates are rapidly screened. If an applicant is not qualified, PreQM will provide a 100%, money-back refund. Join PreQM today for only $999 for 18 months (a year and a half), a $2,250 value! That equates to only around $55/month. Bonus: Complimentary Online Dating Profile Review & Photo Editing Promotion. Click here for the details.

Have you tried so-called “exclusive dating services,” engaged matchmaking services, just meeting for a quick lunch, or a painful table of six? Was harmony actually more of a discord? Are you doubting that there really are plenty of fish in the sea? Sick & tired of the singles scene? Have you thrown in the towel?

You are not alone, my friend. Are you interested in a better quality introduction? PreQM members are extremely particular about the people they surround themselves with in society. They are genuinely concerned about the quality of their partner's backgrounds. The PreQM community may share a common value system, but not necessarily identical beliefs.

Do you feel the clock ticking? Are you double faulting on dates? Down Love-40? Have you mastered the art of dating & developing successful relationships? Are you ready, both internally & externally, to date?

Are you looking for a unicorn? Meeting your ideal partner involves timing, openness, and, sometimes, a reality check. Now that Brad & Angelina apparently really are available, do you honestly believe in Hollywood fantasies?

Whether you are completely self-made, from old money or new, our members bring a great deal to the table & desire the same of their partners.

Our membership process may seem a tad laborious or intrusive. We get it. We also are well aware of how impossibly long it can take on your own to find all of those frogs in order to discover the proverbial Prince or Princess. It's not just a matter of rolling the dice. 

You may wish to meet someone on the Forbes list, an Ivy Leaguer, or a fellow Stanford Alum. Or, the Founder of a Silicon Valley Startup. Are you with a professional sports franchise such as the 49ers, San Jose Sharks, PGA tour player, an amateur athlete who is serious about fitness, or simply, a special person looking for their soul mate?

Check out our free advice & tips. Even "How to ask someone out on a Date." Yes, we could not believe that we had to script this out either, but apparently, many people never received that memo. It could change your life. The hazards of texting & dating & how avoiding first date coffee dates can lead to more 2nd dates.

Are you home alone watching the NBA or NHL Playoffs? Are you waiting for the knight in shining armor to gallop right up to your front door?

PreQM can help you find your perfect match. Did an App suggest you that you hook up with your first cousin, like someone we know? Perhaps, Tinder should be used for kindling and not leave our fate to an App. Let PreQM be your cupid resource. To learn more, check out The Process.