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PreQualified Mates, PreQM, an exclusive boutique dating for the best single men and women. Anti-Swipe & Waitlist-Free, singles are screened for authenticity. Black Card, Rolodex & PreQM Memberships with monthly, quarterly & annual self-service billing options. Awesome, yet reasonably priced, texting, photo & profile editing editing services. Best blog! Dating App Calculator


Are you bumbling on the dating sites? Did that other dating service tell you they have a waitlist? Really?

Why hinge your love life on algorithms written by dateless, never married nerds, with no relationship experience or interpersonal skills? That's not us.

Do you feel the clock ticking? You're not alone. We get it. We really know how impossibly long it can take to find the frogs in order to uncover the proverbial Prince or Princess. Is the Knight in shining armor at your front door?

Highlighting a rapid screening technique, if a PreQM member-applicant isn't qualified, we offer a complete money-back refund. Click here to learn about our process.

PreQM: The Best Dating Site for Quality Singles

A boutique dating service for discerning & selective single men & women with high standards seeking long-term relationships. Swipe-free, your PreQM profile is offline. Refreshing. Think of PreQM as your exclusive, personal, professional executive search firm for eligible singles. PreQM can be a more expeditious method to achieve better results. Join now for no risk!

What’s the right one for you?

PreQM | The Black Card | The Rolodexers

Have you tried so-called “exclusive dating services,” engaged matchmakers, just meeting for a quick lunch?

We are successful & experienced in dating & relationships. We are hot, fit, & really know what we are doing. PreQM features a proprietary matching methodology along with reasonable, curated services.

Home alone binge-watching the NFL, NCAA or the PGA Tour? Is your dating leader board non-existent?

Try PreQM if want better quality introductions. PreQM Members include Ivy Leaguers, Stanford grads, artists, celebrities, & their descendants.

Scared to commit? Join the Rolodexers for under $500. It’s our little black book of sorts. And it’s not so little! Of course, our Terms apply.