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To Date, or not To Date. That is the question. It's just a date; not a marriage proposal.


Our philosophy about dating. It's a date. Not a marriage proposal.

Go. If the person is screened & meets your minimum criteria, meet.

Are you going to freak out? Or go into shock? If that's the case, you may not be ready to date & should seek help. But really, what's the worst thing that can happen?

You could get stood up. It happened to Wendy. She got all dolled up to meet a guy. She sat there, alone, waiting, at a table at the bar. Yep. Stood up. His loss. Guess what happened next? Two single men at the next table asked her to join them for dinner. She thanked them, but declined. One, a judge, asked her out anyway & she went. It's doubtful that they would have met under other circumstances. They weren't a match, but you never know. Wendy & her husband, Jeff, laugh about it on occasion.

Who are you going to meet waiting at home? Tony from Terminex?

When it rains it pours, if not, it's a drought. And when it's a drought, good luck turning it around. We've found that when you are dating, it seems to be easier to meet people to date. Perhaps you are more open. Or more fun. Or presenting a better image. Or emanating more pheromones. Je ne sais quoi.

What's the 2nd worst thing that can happen?

You meet & can't stand each other. But you are out. People want what they can't have. It's human nature. You may meet someone else while you are on a date. Someone else may notice you.

You could make a friend. They may have a friend for you. Or a brother. Or a sister.

Or perhaps there's a spark.