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Dating is like shopping!  Keep an open mind. When shopping (like dating), if your expectations are a blank slate, you may discover a hidden gem. A keeper.





Dating is Like Shopping.

Some of the most exquisite pieces look unappealing. 

Doesn’t it seem that when you are looking for something specific, you can NEVER find it? But, when you are just browsing, you can find something through serendipity? When shopping (and dating), it’s important to keep an open mind. Just because something doesn’t look perfect on the hanger does not mean that it isn’t ideal for you. You may discover a vital wardrobe staple. A keeper.

Have you ever gone into a dressing room to try on a bunch of clothes? Sometimes, absolutely nothing fits and you leave empty handed and disappointed. Occasionally, you may just need a different size or design, and it works perfectly on you. While shopping, you may try various pieces on for size, comfort, fit, look & feel; try using a similar analogy when dating.

There are some pieces that seem kind of cool. You just need to work it. And others that require some simple alterations. But after they are hemmed and taken in, they can be awesome. Have you ever tried something on that looked fabulous on the mannequin, but was an absolute disaster when you gave it a whirl?

Sometimes, what you think you may need is the opposite of what you find. You may be shopping for an evening gown, and stumble upon the perfect bomber jacket. When shopping (like dating), if your expectations are a blank slate, you may discover a hidden gem.

Like a box of chocolate.

Some pieces look beautiful, but taste absolutely disgusting. But some of the most delicious pieces look somewhat unappealing. Yet, when you try a little nibble, you may find the most pleasant surprise on the inside.