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Prepare for safe, enjoyable and fun dating. Make the best first impression.  Have a conscious relationship.

DATING SAFETY TIPS: Do's & Don'ts for Better Results

Every member of PreQM successfully completes our proprietary screening process. The PreQM vetting method may include various background checks. As a result, all members successfully master the process. That said, nothing is perfect. Dating is like the rest of your life: use common sense. If something does not add up, please contact us via phone or email and share your feedback. Complete and submit your candid feedback forms. Your input is crucial. We really want to know. 

Have I been ghosted?

Have I been ghosted?

GHOSTING. If they don’t call within two weeks, they are not interested enough. Click here for potentially game-changing Communication Tips. Some people are extremely busy, both personally and professionally, and have little free time. Give them some time, but if they don’t reach out to you, regroup and move on.  That person is not for you. Be proactive with us and complete our find me a new mate form.

First Date Safety

When meeting for the first time, remember that they are, in effect, strangers to you. Get to know the other person before meeting your prospective candidates. PreQM has a screening process, but feel free to conduct your own double-check using publicly available and private resources.

Never jump into their car on a first date. You never know what can happen.

Go out in public. Don't go for a hike in a remote area or go for a walk in a deserted location. Plus, your cell phone may not work in a remote area.


Don't have more than two drinks. You need to keep your wits about you & make a good first impression. And, please, don’t drink and drive.

Keep your purse or wallet with you. Don’t leave it at the table with your date if you go to the restroom.

Make sure that a friend knows your whereabouts and keep a charged cell phone with you. It's always a good idea to use an APP like Life360. Establish a friend circle. It's just a great idea for someone to always have your back.

Be sure to protect your personal information, including your finances. Both men and women can be “gold diggers” or excessively preoccupied with money. Don’t provide financial information including your social security number to strangers. Don’t respond to requests for money for any reason. If this happens, please report it immediately to us.

Be cautious of people who ask for money, chat about “destiny” or “fate,” state that they are recently widowed, or press you for your home address.

Although it is chivalrous, expeditious, and convenient for dates to pick you up at your home, don't meet strangers at your home on a first date.

If the date is a mutual success, you should have plenty of time to meet at each other’s homes. Drive yourself or take a cab.

Please report anyone who violates our terms of membership. The following are examples of such violations:

  • Members who ask you for money or donations

  • Fraudulent members (including married people or minors who somehow have slipped through PreQM screening process)

  • Members who behave inappropriately in person.

To learn more about what to do & what not to do on First Dates, click here.


Your survival acumen is generally accurate. Trust your instincts. Complete and return your first date feedback forms to us on a timely basis when the information is still fresh and authentic. Take a deep breath. It’s best not to be over-anxious.

A healthy relationship is built upon honesty. A relationship built upon lies or half-truths has a dubious foundation.

Kindness is a good thing. It’s thoughtful and considerate to open doors for your partner. But, excessive and flagrant flirting with others, while in a relationship with you is different and not ok.

Be wary of those with a mean sense of humor who tease at the expense of others. It can be a sign of insecurity and inadequacy.

Keep an eye on the distinction between hobbies and compulsions. Binge-watching, too. Hobbies, by definition, are moderate activities and, generally, are positive. For instance, if you are dating someone who likes to watch football all weekend / every weekend, whether solo or with friends, this can be a deal breaker if this it is not a passion or your cup of tea. Have a heart to heart. If your partner is willing to compromise and agree, perhaps, to watch one game a day and not be annoyed with you about it, then this one may be a keeper.

Additional Tips for Long Distance First Dates:

Stay in your own room in a hotel.

Use a taxi, Uber, Lyft or rental car to get to & from the airport. Don't get into a personal vehicle with someone that you have never met.

Share your itinerary with friends and family.

Do not let your date into your hotel room. Hotel rooms are private places. Keep your interactions in public.

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