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PreQM charges a nominal fee for our services. If you really want to meet a high-quality, single men or women & if what you are doing isn't working for you, try PreQM. Most PreQM members are seeking long-term relationships, although they range the gamut.

There's virtually no risk in joining! Join today for $3250 for a one year PreQM membership.

Your Annual PreQM Membership includes valuable bonuses: the transformative Profile Makeover & exquisite Photo Edit. What do you really have to risk? Of course, our Terms Apply.

Here are the how to’s:

All candidates are comprehensively screened & follow the same acceptance process. If the candidate is not qualified, they will receive a full refund.

If you'd like to continue, your membership auto-renews for the next year.

If you've met someone awesome or choose not to continue, let us know or use the self-service portal to end your Membership. It's a great way to experience PreQM!

Mystified? Call or email us now & we'll try our best to help.


We've observed that the likelihood of experiencing an actual relationship is dramatically higher with PreQM members than that of the general, single population.

Why? Perhaps, because most PreQM members are active, quality singles. They are open to dating, meeting new people, & developing real relationships.

Not fantasizing about the surreal. They are in demand. PreQM is a method of facilitating their success.

We would love to speak with you. This is not the time to be timid. Pick up the phone & call us today. Better yet, click here & fill out the APP now. Extra credit if you upload a recent picture of your smiling face!

Concerned about your photo? Your photos for PreQM are offline, but feel free to try our photo editing service for dating, Facebook & LinkedIn.