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PreQualified Mates, PreQM, hosts events at trendy venues for single men and women.




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Single MD, JD or PhD?...

  • Calave 299 California Avenue Palo Alto, CA, 94306 United States (map)

Are you a single doctor, lawyer, or PhD? Have you had relationship struggles with dates, bf’s, gf’s and ex's that just don’t seem to understand either the demands on your schedule or the commitment required by your profession?  RSVP Here

Has dating in San Francisco been a struggle, having recently moved to the area for work or training? Has it been difficult with your demanding schedule to find someone with similar interests? Do you feel like nobody understands your challenge for love?

Have you been asked by your ex’s to “quit your job,” “stop working so much,” or “drop out of medical school” because they just don’t get it?

Well, we do. Build a real relationship with someone who understands the rigors, yet believes in the concept of work/life balance.

Meet with us for a beautiful glass of a wine. Dr. Diane Strachowski will speak briefly on partner balance. Dr. Diane has identified 7 different "relationship-types“ including the “Renaissance Lover” and the “Hesitant Romantic.” Understanding our emotional type may help us gain insight into ourselves and help us to better understand and navigate our relationships.

Please understand that we are neither elitists nor are we pretentious snobs. We are serving a need for professionals who have specifically requested we host events for this particular demographic.