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PreQualified Mates, PreQM, hosts events at trendy venues for single men and women.




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Pre-Party: Party Socialize, Drink, & Nibble!...

Come & Enjoy another special evening with us at the Four Seasons at Quattro. Sip on Holiday-Inspired cocktails, while grooving to the awesome DJ.

Drop off your card to win a rewrite of your online profile.

Can sending someone a drink improve your social life? Indeed! It works even better if you tip the server handsomely in advance!

Does "Love Potion #9" really work? Could it be that subliminally, when you send over a Vesper, they associate you with James Bond or perhaps, Daniel Craig? The Sommelier and Mixologists from may suggest the best cocktails to possibly improve your social success.

The Four Seasons is truly casually elegant, so get dolled up a bit (that means you, too, guys!) and enjoy a beautiful glass of wine or beer with some charming company.

We've been told that our group is higher quality in both appearance and social skills relative to the other online dating site single groups, so don't miss out!

Perhaps you need some new game. Are you interested in meeting some interesting singles, not online, but for real, in person? Or are you looking for a unicorn?