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PreQualified Mates, PreQM, hosts events at trendy venues for single men and women.




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Shuck it up with a BBQ Master, DJ! Free tasting of a Partida Tequila!

Come & Enjoy a special evening at the Four Seasons featuring a DJ and a Michelin Star BBQ Master Chef. Drew Deckman, of the renowned restaurant Deckman’s in Baja, is an award winning chef dedicated to local, sustainable ingredients and an advocate of the slow food movement. This may feel like an episode of Chopped!

Join us for fine cocktails & small plates at the Four Seasons. The Four Seasons is truly casually elegant, so get dolled up a bit (that means you, too, guys!) and enjoy a beautiful glass of wine or beer with some charming company. 

Our group is higher quality in both appearance and social skills relative to the other online dating site single groups, so don't miss out!

Are you interested in meeting some interesting singles, not online, but for real, in person? Or are you looking for a unicorn? How is that working for you? Are you succeeding in finding love? Perhaps you need some new game.