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Ted Talk Berkeley: 2018 You Are Here...

  • Zellerbach Hall 101 Zellerbach Hall Berkeley, CA (map)

PreQM is very excited & honored to help support Ted Talks. If you would like to attend this event, please email us at & we will send you a special discount coupon code. If you are a student, please advise. Here's the registration link, but email us first for the discount code.

1TEDxBerkeley 2018 will build a map beyond the two dimensions we know, by considering a set of new axes via technology, science, culture, & social advancement. The speakers will each begin with their place along one of these dimensions, then introduce a new story & view. We build a better map of the world through unconventional perspectives & untold stories. Consider your place in each of these maps and realize that the perspective we take changes what we see. There is power to showing up. Join us in finding our marker & pinpointing our place: You are here, & so are we.

TEDxBerkeley is gathering world-leading thinkers, makers, & doers at UC Berkeley to discuss “You are Here.” The audience will be composed of a diverse mix of over 1500 students, professors, & thought leaders from Berkeley & beyond for a stimulating day of presentations, discussions, entertainment & art that will spark new ideas and opportunities.

When is the last time you looked at a map? The map you choose determines what you see. Various perspectives will show you: Alaska can cover Finland, Sweden, & Norway; Africa is larger than China, India, & the contiguous United States combined. The lenses you pick are important, & with our 2018 TEDxBerkeley event, we hope to give you a sense of where we are. We want to pinpoint just where you are. Consider a dimension other than physical space; you stand amid technological, scientific, cultural, and social advancement, each of them a function of time. Consider any pair to be our axes. Now, we have a new map across history, events, & places. Each map gives rise to a new perspective, telling a different story, & we want to share a select few to ultimately build a better map of the world, beyond two dimensions. To see through each of these lenses, we’ll need your help. Join us in finding our place, pinpointing that marker and red dot: You are here, and so are we.

Later Event: March 1
Thursday Night Pre-Party!