Pre-Qualified Mates
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You only have one chance to make a good first impression. How to ask someone out on a date. Try a makeover. Get in shape. Refresh your wardrobe. Get your car detailed.




Only 1 chance to make the best first impression!

Prepare. Let's start with image. We really believe that you have one chance to make a good first impression. Take the adage “look successful, be successful” to heart. Maybe it’s time for a makeover (whether you are male or female). If you feel good about your appearance, you may feel more self-confident and you won’t have to spend cycles worrying about your appearance. 


Go to the gym, workout, and elevate your heart rate.  It’s a great stress reliever and you will gain an inner-glow from the endorphins. The reference to "going to a gym" is a metaphor; get moving. As a cardiologist once said, "you don't want to get old."

 Rafael Nadal and team clearly are in shape

Rafael Nadal and team clearly are in shape

Consider getting your hair professionally blow-dried before a date. For those of us over 40, see a board certified plastic surgeon and invest in some fillers for wrinkles a couple of weeks prior to dating (in case of bruising and for the fillers to have time to kick-in). Perhaps you could freshen your look with highlights or a spray tan. Many stores offer either complimentary makeup applications or charge a nominal fee, which often is applicable toward makeup or skincare products. 

Is your work wardrobe winning you better dates?

Put some effort into it from your head to your toes; get a mani-pedi.

It may be appropriate to step it up a notch…or more. If you go out and look and feel good, you will emanate good energy which is infectious to others.

Give both your car and your home a good top to bottom cleaning. Your date may see your car on the first or second date. These symbols are reflections of you. Essentially, give yourself a clean, scrub and polish and then, maintain it. A spiffy car draws a lot of positive attention.