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To Do & What Not To Do in Dating. That is the Question. If it was only that easy. Where is Shakespeare when you need him? This is the official blog of PreQualified Mates, PreQM.


Everything you need to know about Gift Giving and Dating

Everything you need to know about Gift Giving and Dating. The Best and Worst Gift Ideas: aka “The gifts that keeps on giving. It is not about the money. It is like he does not care about me. It really hurts. What is appropriate and what is not? Candles are hot, bright and can light up your world. Gain Bonus Points with your Crush with Beautiful Flowers.

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Want a LTR? Getting Pitched FWB? That's a Hookup...

Why do so many of you think that FWB, Friends with Benefits, is such an appealing proposition? It must be working for you, otherwise, you’d stop asking. When you’re pitched FBW by strangers, it’s artificial. It’s a proposition, like a hooker. There is no intention of ever having a relationship.

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My Boyfriend Won't Friend me on Facebook. Is he an Ass?

Her bf of one year won’t friend her on FB or accept her friend request. Yet, by the end of the evening, he’d friended me. Does it mean anything if someone isn’t on social media? Why won’t your bf or gf friend you? What can you do about it?

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Self-Confidence: the Best Free Sexual Turn-on!

It wasn’t necessarily me. It was them. It was their issues. Their lack of depth & ability to allow someone to peel back the onion and see under their hood. And, it was their loss. When I came to that realization, I gained a tremendous boost of confidence. Thereafter, my relationships completely changed. You simply cannot fall in love if you are afraid. Be fearless.

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Ways to Navigate Life when you are infatuated. You meet so many people every which way. You get the ick, quick. Then, you meet some random person & it seems to be everything. This is very special. “…I knew that when you find love, you jump in, almost involuntarily. You don’t sit on the edge negotiating how to keep your options open.”

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Is there any truth in a pickup line?

Is it a pickup line? Do lines actually work? A line is not necessarily the opening line or first thing that flies out of your mouth.

Ke$ha sung it well in Sleazy. “Sick of all your lines, so cheesy...” “I don’t mean to critique on your seduction technique…

Open Ended Questions are the Most Successful

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Get Off Your F'ing Phone!..

What is it with our addiction to our phones? A total copout & a crutch…

Is all that swiping giving you carpal tunnel? The Dating Apps have created a culture of narcissism. The truly unfortunate thing about narcissism is that there's no cure for it. God help you if you get it! Worse yet, if you fall for a narcissist. Reducing photos of love prospects to a nanosecond’s glance. These thumb motions ultimately represent a huge “thumbs down.”

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