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How do You Get in the Mood (When you Really are Not)?

How do you get in the mood (when you really are not)? Have you made the best killer playlist? It's free to do! Setting the mood for love is one of the oldest moves in the book. How do you get in the mood when you are not in it? When you need a boost, a killer playlist can help. What can tunes like Queen’s Play the Game & Don’t Stop Me Now do for you?

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Everything you need to know about Gift Giving and Dating

Everything you need to know about Gift Giving and Dating. The Best and Worst Gift Ideas: aka “The gifts that keeps on giving. It is not about the money. It is like he does not care about me. It really hurts. What is appropriate and what is not? Candles are hot, bright and can light up your world. Gain Bonus Points with your Crush with Beautiful Flowers.

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Want a LTR? Getting Pitched FWB? That's a Hookup...

Why do so many of you think that FWB, Friends with Benefits, is such an appealing proposition? It must be working for you, otherwise, you’d stop asking. When you’re pitched FBW by strangers, it’s artificial. It’s a proposition, like a hooker. There is no intention of ever having a relationship.

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My Boyfriend Won't Friend me on Facebook. Is he an Ass?

Her bf of one year won’t friend her on FB or accept her friend request. Yet, by the end of the evening, he’d friended me. Does it mean anything if someone isn’t on social media? Why won’t your bf or gf friend you? What can you do about it?

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