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To Do & What Not To Do in Dating. That is the Question. If it was only that easy. Where is Shakespeare when you need him? This is the official blog of PreQualified Mates, PreQM.


Is there any truth in a pickup line?

Is it a pickup line? Do lines actually work? A line is not necessarily the opening line or first thing that flies out of your mouth.

Ke$ha sung it well in Sleazy. “Sick of all your lines, so cheesy...” “I don’t mean to critique on your seduction technique…

Open Ended Questions are the Most Successful

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Get Off Your F'ing Phone!..

What is it with our addiction to our phones? A total copout & a crutch…

Is all that swiping giving you carpal tunnel? The Dating Apps have created a culture of narcissism. The truly unfortunate thing about narcissism is that there's no cure for it. God help you if you get it! Worse yet, if you fall for a narcissist. Reducing photos of love prospects to a nanosecond’s glance. These thumb motions ultimately represent a huge “thumbs down.”

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