PreQualified Mates
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Black Cards. PreQM. The Rolodexers. What’s the difference between these dating programs for quality single men & women? Which are active matching programs and which are not?

What’s the difference?

Are you confused? Not sure which is the right one is for you? Hopefully, this clears it up. All of our programs are annually renewable, with access to our self-service subscription portal.


PreQM is our flagship program for authentic, selective screened singles.

  • All candidates are comprehensively screened & follow the same acceptance process. If the candidate is not qualified, they will receive a full refund.

  • $3250 for a one year membership including our Online Dating Profile Review & Photo Editing Promotion.

  • Active Matching Program

  • Introductions include PreQM Members, Black Card Members, Rolodexers & Partner matches.


Couture Dating. Singles Selected Just for You to Your Unique Specs. You like what you like. We recruit specifically for you!

  • Premier service

  • $20000/year

  • A minimum of (5) five matches to your specifications

  • Active Matching Program

  • Additional fees may be encurred and charged covering search expenses, depending upon the scope & requirements.


The Rolodexers is our budget friendly solution. You’re in the pool.

  • A Passive Program. The Rolodexer program is NOT a Pro-Active membership. We will contact you when we have an introduction. Rolodexers are not necessarily screened.

  • Introductions may include PreQM Members, Black Card Members, Rolodexers & Partner matches.

  • $499/year

Mystified? Call or email us now & we'll try our best to help. We would love to speak with you. This is not the time to be timid. Pick up the phone & call us today. Better yet, click here & fill out the APP now. Extra credit if you upload a recent picture of your smiling face!